Andrew Anisimov Translation Services


  1. Translation Services Provider.
    Services provided via website are provided by translation services provider Andriy Anisimov, Sole Entrepreneur, registered in Ukraine, taxpayer registry no: 05-40-11-18279, registered address: 97/52 Metallurgov str., 87539, Mariupol, Ukraine.
  2. Service.
    Translation service means translation of written text and believed to be best adequate translation of a provided text.
  3. You as a customer.
    You agree to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS when you order translation via website or e-mail hosted at this domain.
  4. Terms of service.
    Time needed for translation and final price may differ and are subject to confirmation during each translation service request.
  5. Fees and remunerations.
    You agree to pay for the service during specified time after your consent with rates and deadline time and date.
  6. Obligations.
    Service provider shall provide the Service before deadline time if there are any other mutual agreements. Customer shall pay for the service in time.
  7. Limitation of liabilities.
    Parties' liabilities in any case cannot be greater than agreed Remuneration.
  8. Third parties.
    These TERMS AND CONDITIONS must be deemed as void in case customer orders Service from Service provider or anyone else using any other website even when client opened link to third party website from any page of the website
  9. Translation work copyright.
    Translation work rights as a literary intellectual property are reserved by translator if there are any other agreement.
  10. Force majeure.
    Translation Service provider shall not be held liable in case of impossibility or delay in performance of these Terms due to labor disputes, force majeure or any other event beyond provider's reasonable control, including, but not limited to, mechanical, electronic or communications failure, natural disasters and traffic disruption, data corruption, service interruption caused by viruses, network and service defects, caused by connection and transfer conditions beyond provider's control or other such disruption.
  11. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution.
    If any dispute arises regarding these TERMS AND CONDITIONS parties agree to take best effort to solve the dispute. In case it is not possible, you agree that Laws of Ukraine govern this binding agreement and Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Commercial Arbitrage in Kyiv, Ukraine solve disputes.
  12. Changes.
    These terms and conditions might be changed anytime without any prior notifications to anyone except those Customers who recently ordered translations and deadline time for latest translation is 14 days or more from the date of planned changes will take effect. These Customers shall be notified 14 days prior to changes take effect via e-mail.

Refund Policy

​If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.